Win up to £25,000 and support the Westie Rescue Scheme with Unity

Unity is a lottery with a difference. Every week you have the chance to win our £25,000 jackpot plus many other fantastic cash prizes, and at the same time you’re helping us raise funds to support our work. The more people play, the more money we receive, so we need your support. For every £1 entry - at least 50p comes directly to us as profit. The draw takes place every Friday and each entry costs just £1. When you join the lottery you’re allocated your own 6-digit Unity lottery number. A random winning number is drawn - the aim is to match the winning number.

If you match...

A match occurs if your digits are in the same place in the sequence as they are in the winning number…


325764 - random winning number
326574 - your lottery number

(This is a 3-number, Converted £5.00 To Prize Entries)

All winners are notified and prizes posted automatically if you win, so you can’t miss out!

How It Works

At least 50p from every £1 comes directly to us as profit.

You can join online, view rules and results by visiting:


About Westie Rescue Scheme

About Westie Rescue Scheme

We are a national organisation formed by the late Barbara Graham in the late 1970's. Initially we consisted of a few caring colleagues who struggled to make ends meet against all odds and in the face of adversity. The more widely recognised The Westie Rescue Scheme of the present day came into being in 1993. The Scheme now has over 2500 registered 'friends'.

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