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We need to know something about you so that we can match you to a Westie looking for a new home, and a Westie which will fit into your home.

Please complete the questionnaire below and we will start looking for the right Westie for you.

Applications to adopt a Westie are held on a central file for 30 days, after which date they may be deleted or destroyed. Should you not hear from us within this timeframe please re-apply. All applications will be acknowledged by WRS.

  1. Westies do not like children or noises which children make
  2. Westies do not like cats and WILL chase them
  3. Westies are prone to common skin problems / conditions / complaints
  4. Westies are very yappy and often considered noisy
  5. Westies are often over protective (particularly over food, toys, territory and even people)
  6. Westies are extremely headstrong and stubborn and may not come when called

In addition to the above, please remember that they may have had a sad start in life:

  1. Possibly have been neglected or ill treated
  2. Will need love and understanding on an ongoing basis and particularly whilst acclimatising to their new  surroundings
  3. Will seldom be under 5 years of age

Registered company limited by guarantee  Regd No: 05165270
Registered Charity in England & Wales No.: 1107970
Registered Charity in Scotland No.: SC040484 

PLEASE NOTE: that the majority of Westies we receive are over 5 years old. Additionally, many are not suited to new homes where there may be young children (under 13) present (or regularly visiting).

As a charity we ask for a donation

The Adoption Donation is requested as a contribution towards veterinary fees, petrol, telephone and other administrative costs which accrue on each dog that goes through our care – in many cases this amount will not cover our full cost.  This donation is also considered as a token of trust, in that you appreciate the value of a pet and are able to commit to funding all future veterinary costs.

Please answer the following

If, having read, understood, and answered the questions above, you would still like to consider giving one of these delightful terriers a new home, please fill in the rest of the application form below. Once submitted, we will place your details on our prospective adoptee database.

Please note that a HOME ASSESSMENT, which will involve a visit to your home, will need to be completed before a rehoming takes place. A position on the prospective adoptee database does not guarantee that you will be offered a terrier to rehome. The length of time an application can take varies from 2-3 weeks to 6 months, or longer and is dependent on a suitable dog matching your personal circumstances. If you successfully rehome an animal outside of this application with another organisation please inform us immediately.

About you, your family & your home

Dog Preferences

Are you prepared to:

About Westie Rescue Scheme

About Westie Rescue Scheme

We are a national organisation formed by the late Barbara Graham in the late 1970's. Initially we consisted of a few caring colleagues who struggled to make ends meet against all odds and in the face of adversity. The more widely recognised The Westie Rescue Scheme of the present day came into being in 1993. The Scheme now has over 2500 registered 'friends'.

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