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Could you harm a Westie? Some people can and do. Often some people acquire a Westie because of its appeal, without taking the time and trouble to find out more about the breed and its temperament and characteristics.

Westies can come into our care for a variety of reasons:

People deliberately desert their dogs and turn them loose, especially if there are skin problems. People over breed and have no time for an older bitch who has helped line their pockets and furnish their comfortable homes. People are just generally cruel to their dog or neglect it until it becomes a visible issue. Some allow their children to tease and torment their dog causing its temperament to change.

Sometimes, people have to go into sheltered accommodation and are not allowed to take their pets. Sadly, people die and their pets are left with no one to care for them. The list of reasons is endless.

The Westie Rescue Scheme exists to help these animals.

As ever, this costs money for transport, kennelling, feeding, veterinary bills, telephone calls and so on. So in order for us to continue our hard work we need people to support us by becoming "Friends of Westie Rescue" and making an annual donation, which contributes towards our running costs.

A SMALL DONATION OF JUST £15.00 PER YEAR (or more if you can afford it) will help our costs enormously and in return we will keep you up to date with our activities throughout the year through our Newsletter which is published every 4 months. We hold various annual fundraising events including our Summer Fayre and Fun Dog Show - which you're welcome to attend.

I wish to become a "Friend of Westie Rescue"

Once you have submitted this form please use the PayPal button displayed to pay by card - alternatively make your cheque payable to "Westie Rescue Scheme" and SEND it to WESTIE RESCUE SCHEME, Membership Secretary Mr Stephen Thomas, 4 Heol Pentre'r Felin, Llantwit, Major, Vale of Glamorgan, CF61 2XS.

About Westie Rescue Scheme

About Westie Rescue Scheme

We are a national organisation formed by the late Barbara Graham in the late 1970's. Initially we consisted of a few caring colleagues who struggled to make ends meet against all odds and in the face of adversity. The more widely recognised The Westie Rescue Scheme of the present day came into being in 1993. The Scheme now has over 2500 registered 'friends'.

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